Technology to
spin forward
today & tomorrow.
Being a pioneer in Japan, we have been developing transportation /packaging materials with jute fibers.
Backed by many years of weaving technology,
the Koizumi people aim at contributing to agricultural and greenery businesses for an eco-friendly society.


  • 01/12/2017   The website was renewed.


Aspiring for irreplaceable business.

  • Promoting gentle life to the planet and people.Our mission is to play a role as a member of this society, with supplying eco-friendly products and services contributing to environmental protection and restoration work.

  • Keep on challenging with higher visions and skills. Our policy is to get things done speedily with reasonable and strong sprit. All of us have been improving and innovating ourselves without any hesitation.

  • Being humble and trustworthy, we pledge our services to society. Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction. With this in mind, we provide our stakeholders with a sense of security and rich life.

About Us

Company profile

Founded June 1890
Representative Yasushi Koizumi ,President
Capital 230,000,000yen
Business 1. Jute and synthetic resin business (industrial fiber products, civil engineering materials, industrial liquid containers, agricultural materials, etc.)
2. Real-estate rental business
3. Sport & leisure-time businesses
Head Office 1-2-1 Shinzaike-Minamimachi, Nada-ku, Kobe
657-0864. JAPAN
Branch Tokyo Branch
Fukuoka Office
Shiga plant
Kishiwada plant
Kasai Distribution Center
Kobe Rokko Bowl
Harley-Davidson Kobe
  • Shiga plant

  • Kishiwada plant


1890 Started as the first Jute Mills in Japan, and named as Toga Jute company.
First Jute mills in the country is established in Kobe.
1918 Reorganized as THE KOIZUMI JUTE MILLS LTD.
1956 Adopted chemical fiber spinning.
1964 Shiga factory established.
1982 It is gathered jute spinning by Shiga plant
A hollow blow molding business start.
1987 A hollow blow business moved to Shiga plant.
1991 “ROKKO 23” opens as shopping mall.
Stopped Jute spinning at Shiga Plant and most of Jute spinning have not been seen in domestic Japan
1995 The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (of 1995) occurred and 24 buildings of ours collapsed.
2000 “Southern Mall Rokko B612” opens as shopping mall.
2010 120th anniversary celebrated.
2015 Koizumi FC Products, Ltd. merged and Kishiwada Division opened.
2016 “Shiro-Pika” was awarded as “Best selections of Kansai Manufacturing 2016” by Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade & Industry.
Bird’s-eye view of the Meiji Era plant Commercial facility


As Japan’s first jute manufacturer, The Koizumi Jute Mills started its jute bag business.
Since its inception in 1890, our techniques of spinning, weaving and molding have been kept innovated and supported your “carry”, “grow” and “protect”.


Keeping on evolving
Containers and covers

Our transport material business started with jute bags, which was carried over human shoulders. And nowadays, various formed products such as liquids, powders, cereals and others are to be conveyed in lots of ways. Even though our transport methods are usually out of your sight, it helps your life with effective transportation in various scenes.

Manufacturing to support agriculture
Agricultural and packaging materials

Our weaving technology is used on farms too. Beyond the role of transportation manufacturer, we support farmers with innovative ideas. For well-growth of fruits and vegetables, we propose with higher productivity, insect control, reduction of daily work, and many solutions towards other farming problems.

For green-rich future
Tree-planting campaigns and practices

Greenery business is all about trees and forests. Our materials and techniques help minimize environmental loads. In recent years, we focus also on products against natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons.